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Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital
Patient Corner

Responsibility of patients


Rights & responsibilities go hand to hand. Along with the rights, the patients should be aware of their responsibilities without which the hospital authorities would not be able to deliver the desired services successfully: -



The patient should follow the directions & instruction given to them meticulously.


They should maintain decorum of the hospital by following various instructions issued to them



Patient should be sensitive towards maintenance of hygiene & discipline in hospital.



Patient should understand the constraints faced by hospital authorities & cooperate to maintain cordial atmosphere.


Patient should facilitate the smooth functioning of hospital services rendered in their interest.



Healthy feedback/suggestions are always welcome as they help in improving further.

--  The success of the hospital depends on the support we receive from our beneficiaries.

-- Please try to appreciate the various constrains, under which the hospital is functioning.

-- Please don’t cause inconvenience to other patients.

-- Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surrounding neat and clean

-- Beware of Touts

--The Hospital is “ No Smoking Zone”

-- Please refrain from demanding undue favors  from the staff and official.

-- Please provide use full feedback and constructive suggestions. These may be addressed to the Dy.       Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.

-- Please bring your old OPD slips when you visit next time.

 Right of Patients

     Right of Information

     Right of privacy

     Right of confidentiality

     Right to change the doctor

                 Right of Grievance   Redressal





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