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Rao Tula Ram Memorial Hospital
Computerization & HIMS
  1. The hospital has been depending on traditional paper-based reports and rudimentary management information system. Paucity of staff, lack of motivation and in-sufficient performance data have been affecting the efficiency of the hospital systems and their efficacy. There were several stand-alone PC’s in the hospital that have now been connected in a LAN with 24 nodes. Hospital Staff has been indigenously trained for computer use but a structured training is planned for the key staff through specialized agencies or through IT Department of GNCTD.
  2. In the annual plan for 2012-13 it is envisaged to get an SRS done for expansion of LAN system to provide computers and internet facility to all departments and to put as many operations on the computerized MIS as possible. This would act as the foundation for commissioning of full H.I.M.S solution on lines already being implemented in a pilot at GGSG Hospital; a 100 bedded Delhi Govt. Hospital in West Delhi. The hospital has put up a strong case and the Directorate of Health Services has agreed to include RTRM Hospital in the next phase of HIMS implementation in 2013-14. RTRMH has made provision for expansion of LAN in annual plan 2012-13 if supported by the IT Dept.
  3. The Objectives of the computerized HIMS in RTRM Hospital are planned to be implemented in following phases:
  • PHASE I: Preparatory (2012-13): Expansion of LAN to existing areas of the hospital in present building and to digitize as much data as possible and to give hands-on exposure to staff to work on computers. A working group constituted for the purpose will prepare the RDD (Requirement Definition Document) in preparation for a full SRS (System Requirement Study).
  • PHASE II: Implementation (2013-14): In this phase, based on SRS, the HIMS modules would be studied for customization if required followed by its commissioning on the hardware platform to be created by the government approved agency.
  • PHASE III: Consolidation (2014-15): This Phase would undertake hands on training and re-training to ensure full use of HIMS by staff; ironing out of difficulties if any; weeding out of paper-based MIS and finally a near paperless hospital.
  • PHASE IV: Expansion (2015-16): The approved new state of the art 100-bedded indoor block the plans of which are approved is likely to be operational by then. It will house the emergency, ICU, NICU, Blood Bank, New OT’s and 100 beds. The HIMS solution will expand to cover this area in this phase so as to complete the HIMS project in RTRMH.

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