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Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital
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  Department of skin in DDU  Hospital is providing outpatient indoor service to the patients.

  1. Name of HOD        Dr. Rati Makkar
      Phone No :           011254944402-6 Ext.301 

  2. Name  of Specialist (Contractual)              Dr.  Puja Mehta
      Phone No :           01125494402-6 Ext. 302

  3. Name  of Medical Officer                          Dr.  Mukesh Mittal
    Phone No               011-25494402-6 Ext.352   

 3 OPD  Services:

Timing    :                     9:00  AM – 1:00 PM
Location :                     Room  5A, 5B, 5C.
                                    1st  floor,  OPD  Block

Afternoon :                 2-4PM
                                   Special  Clinics Daily
Services Provided :     Treatment  of
                                   Skin, Hair, Nail Disease
                                   STD.(sexually Transmitted disease)
4. Surgical services – in Minor O.T.

  a) Skin Biopsy
  b) Electro Cautery/Radio frequency
  c) intra lesional injection
  d) Cryosurgery
  e) Chemical Cautery
  f) Excision
  g) Punch grafting for Vitiligo
  h) Chemical Peeling
  i) Dermaroller
  j) Immuno Therapy etc.

5. Indoor service :   are available
6. Special clinics – In the afternoon 2-4pm  Daily. 

7. Charges-      ALL service are free of charge


8. OPD Services:

Services Provided : Treatment of

·         Skin diseases like - Vitiligo Psoriasis, lichen Planus, bullous disorder like pemphigus, warts, acne, infections, pigmentary  disorders, connective tissue disorders

·         Hair Disorder – alopecia areata, telegen effluvium, androgenetic, alopecia, hair loss.

·         Nail Disorder

·         Sexually Transmitted diseases & HIV – testing & treatment is available.

·         Leprosy management



Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Update: 12-Sep-2016