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Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital
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The  department of pediatrics is an 89 bedded department providing services to  children between 0-12 years. Newely emergency, general O.P.D, newborn, in door  services, thalassaemia and special clinics.

This is the  only government general hospital having an exehesive paediatric casuatly.




Name of H.O.D:- Dr. Anil Gulati                                                     25494404
                                                                                                      EXT.  452

Head of Limits Unit I: - Dr. Anil Gulati                                           25494404
                                                                                                      EXT. 452
                         Unit  II: - Dr. Ripdaman Kaur                                25494404
                                                                                                      EXT.  452
  Neonatal Unit: - Dr. V.K -Sharma                                                  25494404
                                                                                                      EXT.  236
  Thalassaemia Unit: - Dr. Ritu Chawla                                          25494404
                                                                                                      EXT.  444
  Paediatric Casualty: - Dr. Arun Kumar                                        25494404
                                                                                                      EXT.  180
  Other Pediatric Specialty doctors are

  Dr. Rekha                           555
  Dr. Anita                            455
  Dr. A.K Jha                       555
  Dr.  Samarjeet Grover        455     
  Dr. G.  Adhikari                 555
  Dr. Vimal  Nag                  455

  Dr.Maurya                         371,455

  Dr. Rita Moni                    479

  Dr. N.K Kaushal               373

OPD Services                (1st floor OPD Block, OPD  No: - 7)

Unit I: -                          Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Unit II: -                        Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Timings: -                       9 AM – 1 PM Daily.


List of Serviice in OPD - Immunisation, weight & growth monitoring, IYCF councelling (feeding councelling) and also general out patients services.


Special Clinics:- (From 2 PM – 3 PM)
  Nephrology  Clinic                         -          Monday
  Asthma  Clinic                                -         Tuesday
  Neuro  developmental Clinic           -         Wednesday
  C L H A  Clinic                              -         Wednesday
  High Risk  Clinic (I)                         -        Tuesday
  High Risk  Clinic (II)                        -        Wednesday
  SAM Clinic (Malnutrition Clinic)   -            Monday
  Adolescent  Clinic                          -          Saturday


Timings - 9AM - 4PM

Routine OPD timings:- 9AM-1PM

Special clicnics timings :- 2PM- 3PM


Thalassemia Centre

9 AM to 4 PM  7 days/week

None of the aforementioned services are paid services.


Inpatient services (Ward No. 5):-


We have a 44 beded inpatient ward for caring and treating of inpatient, which includes a 6 beded NRC room for severe acute malnutrition patients and 2 beded isolation room, also a seperate procedure room for peadiatric procedures like i.v cannulation, lumbar puncture etc. But due to constraint of space there might sometimes be doubling of patients on beds in ward to accommodate admitted patients.


Other important information: -

Our  department is running well equipped 25 bedded neonatal intensive care unit and  8 bedded out born nursery.
  It has a  separate pediatric casualty providing services to sick children 24x7 days.
Department  of pediatrics is running one of the largest thalassemia centers in Delhi  providing blood transfusion and chelation facilities to almost 200 thalassemica  patients all 7 days of the week.


Future Plans

Plan to start PICU and 10 beded Nutritional rehabilitation centre but due to space constraints implementation is yet delayed.


Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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Last Update: 12-Sep-2016