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Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital
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Services Available

A. Bleeding of donors: 24 X 7 days

(i)                         Donor Counselling:  09:00 AM to 04:00 PM by counsellor

        04:00 PM to 09:00 PM by the staff in the bleeding room.

(ii)                      Donor Screening and testing:

(iii)                  Donor history taking and Medical Examination: Bleeding of donors including replacement, family voluntary,  voluntary and autologous donors:

(iv)                  Post donation care and donor refreshment:


B. Component Preparation: various components including      packed red cells, FFP and platelet concentrates are prepared : 24 X 7 days.


C.  Apheresis : facility for apheresis is available normally from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM but as per requirement like in dengue crisis apheresis is done till 08:00 PM.

D.  Testing of blood for infectious markers:- all the blood units are tested for HBsAg, HCV Ag-Ab,HIV1 & 2Ag-Ab using latest IV th generation kits. Also, all the units are tested for malaria and syphilis.

E.   Issue of blood and components

(i)                         Blood and component are issued after blood grouping and cross matching for compatibility testing using gel card technology. Facilities are available 24 X 7 days.

(ii)                     Blood and components are issued to patients admitted in our hospital as well as in other govt. hospitals after blood requisition is received from the treating clinician.

(iii)                  Blood is issued against replacement donation at our blood bank. In case, donor is not available, blood is issued against life saving request form from the clinician which has to be counter signed and stemped by unit Incharge/HOD during working hours and CMO after working hours.

(iv)                  Replacement and voluntary donor cards are issued after blood donation as the case may be. Validity of the replacement card is for 6 months for the same patient for whom replacement donation has been done. Validity of voluntary card is for 1 year for close blood relation and this card is valid in all blood bank under Govt. of NCT of Delhi.


    F. Other facilities available are:-

(i) Issue of blood to registered thalessemics: Normally     Friday but issued on all days as per request.

(ii) Anti- body screening and identification.


G. Organization of blood donation camps: frequent blood donations camps are organised outdoor, in association with various NGOs.


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Last Updated : 28 January, 2022 (Friday)