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Hospital is a place where people come for amelioration of  their pain and for near physical well being just as they go to a place of  workshop for the betterment of their souls. Hence hospitals have very special  place in people life.
  Hospital is not just a place or building but provides  holistic service by creating a harmonious relationship between the building,  equipment, medicines and trained personnel to provide a symphony of soothing  music to the patient in the form of proper treatment.
  People visit the hospital only when their normal working  and comfortable life is disturbed due to some ailment, and it is at that time  that the hospital staff shows maximum compassion and understanding because they  are given this great opportunity by ‘GOD’ to serve and help the sufferers  become a via-media in ‘HIS’ plan for holistic healing of patients.
  Each & all of us should offer our services to the  patients in a way/manner as we expect
  for us in a similar situation.
  Lets work together to make our hospital a AAA+ hospital in  true sense.

  Dr S.K Bansal
  Medical Superintendent

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